Anita joined the Catholic Church later in life. It all began as she watched EWTN (Eternal World Television Network) during Pope John Paul II’s funeral. She became intrigued with the Catholic faith by watching and learning from EWTN and praying with our Mother Mary. She continued watching other EWTN programs, particularly the Mass and the Rosary recitation. She purchased a rosary and prayed it often along with Mother Angelica, and she believes that Mother Mary took it from there. Anita said it was then that she found St. Augustin’s and called it her faith “home.”

Anita, still a parishioner at St. Augustin, had a strong desire to create her estate plan.

When asked, “Why is giving important to you”? Anita replied, “I believe that giving while I am alive shows more trust in God to provide. God doesn’t expect me to impoverish myself, so I will likely die with unused financial assets. An estate plan is necessary because we are not promised a tomorrow.”

When she began this process, she became concerned because she has no family to act as an Executor after her passing. What would she do? She reached out to her parish pastor. He in turn, contacted the Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa (CFSWIA) for assistance. On a fall afternoon, Anita and Deacon Pins met with Brooke Pulliam, the Director of Planned Giving at the CFSWIA. The goal was to explore what Anita’s dreams and desires were for her estate plan and her legacy, as well as what tools she might use to accomplish this. The conversation focused on Anita’s wishes and after a while, we learned more what legacy she wanted to leave. She was inspired by many of the Diocesan programs and services, but in particular, Catholic Charities.

Anita explained that she previously hadn’t finalized her estate plans because she “didn’t know where to begin.” Because of this, our staff gave her a list of Catholic estate planning attorneys. Anita reviewed the list and chose one. Once she had the initial appointment, she said, “The will was not difficult to create, only 2 attorney visits were needed. I had previous versions of my will and trust but they needed to be updated. CFSWIA provided me with the name of a good Catholic attorney to draft the documents and complete my wishes.”

When Anita was asked why it was important for her to leave a gift in her will. She explained, “I didn’t leave a specific gift to Catholic Charities, yet. A gift is in my will. I wanted to help the homeless in particular, and entrusted the Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa to honor that request.”