Iowa Catholic Radio Foundation - Des Moines, IA

Foundation Fund

The Iowa Catholic Radio Foundation was founded to provide financial support to Iowa Catholic Radio and other Catholic media outlets. All investments of the Iowa Catholic Radio Foundation are held in accordance with Catholic social teaching.

The Foundation’s resources are provided by donations from estates, memorials, and other gifts made by individuals and businesses who wish to support Catholic broadcast media and the tenets of the Catholic Church.

The minimum donation for these funds is $100. Typical donation amounts are $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more. Thank you!


Foundation Endowment Fund

We are taught to ask ourselves how we want to be remembered. You can empower younger people, allow kids to have the hands-on in-studio multimedia experience, minister to the sick and homebound, and aid all sorts of other nonprofits by endowing a worthy cause, like the Iowa Catholic Radio Foundation Endowment Fund. Our endowment was established in 2018. You can become a living Legacy through your support of our mission, Christ’s mission.

You can personally ensure Iowa Catholic Radio’s future existence and its continuing mission to save souls by building Iowa Catholic Radio's Foundation Endowment and connecting people to Christ. Sounds like a way we all want to be remembered!