On a child’s first birthday, it is not uncommon to see them get more enjoyment from playing with the box a present came in, or the paper or ribbons that wrapped it, rather than the present itself. As they grow, the contents of the box become much more appealing and are often highly anticipated. But then, at a certain point in life, it switches again. The greatest treasures no longer come in a box, but in shared experiences and memories, and the connections they represent among family and friends.

Each year the Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa receives contributions from people choosing that as a way to honor those connections. Such gifts are made both to memorialize those that have passed away and to pay tribute to those still living. These gifts might:

  • Commemorate a special occasion, like a birthday or anniversary
  • Recognize the importance of supporting the Roman Catholic Diocese of Des Moines to the person
  • Cement a legacy of values passed on from one generation to another
    Celebrate a shared commitment to the work of the Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa

Most importantly, the gift represents the special connection that exists between the person making it and the person being recognized by it. We are honored to serve as the “box” for holding such treasured memories. If you’d like more information about how to pay tribute to or memorialize a loved one, please email us at [email protected] or call (515) 237-5044.