We Help Parishes and Institutions

The Catholic Foundation provides best practices financial solutions.

  • Establish and/or improve capital funding initiatives
  • Create & promote planned-giving programs (See sample below)
  • Maximize investment potential to ensure financial future
  • Develop internal management tools for promoting and updating

For a current list of our partners click HERE!

Promotional Flyer(s) for planned giving and endowment gifts to parish funds.

  • Parish Change Forms – update and manage changes, eliminate duplicates, note deaths, marriages, new parishioners, etc.
  • Graphics to help parishes chart their fund-raising drives.
  • Planned giving brochures (pdfs & In-Design docs)
  • Fund-raising brochures for endowments (pdfs & In-Design docs)
  • Brochures combining fund-raising / planned giving (pdfs & In-Design docs)
  • Video link to universal and individual video bites
  • Sample fund-raising letters for pastors and foundations (pdfs & MSWord docs)