| By Rachel Seidl |

Many parishes, schools and individuals across the Diocese of Des Moines choose to partner with the Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa (CFSWIA) for their investment needs. With approximately $75 million in assets under management, it begs the question, “What makes the CFSWIA different?”

The CFSWIA is unique in comparison to other investment options because of how dollars are invested. All funds are invested and guided by United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) teachings using Catholic Values Investing (CVI). The CFSWIA believes it is important for Catholic institutions and individuals to consider the social impact investments have on our world today. By utilizing CVI, the CFSWIA offers an alternative for parishes, schools, and individuals to traditional investment strategies.

Comprised of five local investment professionals, the CFSWIA Investment Committee oversees all investments within the organization. The CFSWIA Investment Committee consists of the following:

  • Bryan Boesen (Chair) – Executive Director Wealth Management, Morgan Stanley
  • Nancy Anstoetter – Wealth Advisor Vice President, Wells Fargo
  • Tim Dunbar – President, Global Asset Management, Principal Financial
  • Kelly Flynn – Chief Investment Officer, Prospective Value Partners
  • Michael Reynal – Chief Investment Officer, Sophus Capital

“The committee has attracted some of the sharpest investment minds that reside in our Diocese and it is remarkable to see the group exercise such care and diligence during the quarterly Investment Committee meetings and frequent conference calls,” says Bryan Boesen.

“At the end of the day, the Investment Committee wants to ensure we are being good stewards of the CFSWIA. We take our responsibility seriously and want to honor the trust our fund holders place in us, while at the same time provide investment excellence of behalf of the CFSWIA.”

Additionally, the CFSWIA has retained the services of Morgan Stanley/Graystone Consulting as its investment consultants. This team of investment professionals helps to oversee the CFSWIA’s day-to-day investment needs and also recommends long-term strategies to the Investment Committee.Morgan Stanley/Graystone Consulting is also responsible for the screening of all investments to ensure they are in accordance to CVI. This group reports to the Investment Committee on a quarterly basis the status of all investments to ensure they are held to the CFSWIA’s CVI compliance threshold.

“The CFSWIA has seen growth during the last several years,and of course, with growth comes new challenges. Before partnering with Morgan Stanley/Graystone Consulting, we were faced with an investment platform we had outgrown and needed to gain access to non-traditional assets to improve investment results. We requested proposals from local and national financial institutions. Our goal was to find a partner that could provide us with unparalleled investment access while maintaining the strict CVI guidelines, service existing and prospective fund holders, and provide administrative support. Morgan Stanley was the clear leader, and since then they have delivered on the commitments they made during the proposal process,”says Boesen.

The Investment Committee is one of four committees that lead and guide the CFSWIA today.