The Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa Legacy Society consists of invididuals and families that have left a planned gift, in any form, to a Catholic parish, school, organization, or ministry in the Diocese of Des Moines.

If you have left a planned gift to a Catholic parish, school, organization, or ministry in the Diocese of Des Moines, let us know by completing the downloadable form below! Planned gifts include the following:

  • A bequest in a last will and testament, living trust or other estate trust
  • A charitable gift annuity
  • A deferred gift annuity
  • A charitable remainder trust or charitable lead trust
  • An individual retirement account, 401 (K) plan, pension or other retirement plan
  • A life insurance policy
  • Entering into a life estate agreement whereby a “real” property (such as a residence, vacation home, farmland, etc.) is provided as a gift to the diocese and the donor or designee retains the right to live on the property during one’s lifetime

“Planned giving through the Catholic Foundation was very easy and straightforward. Taking care of this now allows me to know that when my day to meet the Lord comes, I can leave behind one final piece of generosity to the Church that has been so generous to me. Knowing this is one less piece for my family to figure out is of great comfort. All that we have in life is a gift, why not make sure we end with that same good thought in mind?”

- Rev. Trevor Chicoine, SS Peter and
Paul Parish and St. Mary Parish

Legacy Society                               

Annonymous Donor (4)
Richard Ahlberg
Joann Allmon
Rev. Michael Amadeo
Charles and Alyse Anliker
Brian and Nancy Anstoetter
Dan and Pat Battani
Teddy Beard
Paul and Michele Belden
Rev. John Bertogli
Russ and Kathleen Bitterman
Paul and Melissa Blakenhagen
Les and Jan Blum
Bryan and Betsy Boesen
Msgr. Frank Bognanno
Dick and Becky Brdicko
Mike and Rachelle Breen
Paul and Dianne Breitbarth
LeRoy and Mary Brockelsby
Jane Buckley
Natalie and Dan Burkey
John and Robin Burkey
Sean and Kathleen Byler
Paul and Kelly Cain
Christine Calloway
Paul and Betsey Carlson
Blair and Erin Carney
Tom and Candy Chambers
Bishop Joseph Charron
Jon and Loralee Chase
Lawrence and Beverly Chicchelly
Rev. Trevor Chicoine
Tom and Mary Clingan
Randy and Teresa Coenen
Don and Mary Coffin
Joe and Cindy Connolly
Jansen Conrad
Mike and Connie Cooper
Carol Corrigan
Joe and Diane Cortese
Paula Courter
Ryan and Sara Crabbs
Sandra Craig
Joan Crenan
Amy Dagitz
Chris Daniels
Drew and Kaitlin Danner
Tom and Mary Daughenbaugh
Sharon Dee
Richard Demming
Tim and Barb Dempsey
Bill and Anne Dennis
Cicily Dennis
David and Bonnie Dickson
Dave and Jane Dirks
Will and Maureen Doherty
Tom and Sara Doruska
Adeline Downey
Paul and Stephanie Drey
Dan and Ashley Dvorak
Betty Edwards
Howard and Mary Eikenberry

Jeanne Eisenbarth
Jeff and Janet Elwer
Mike and Linda Faber
Thomas and Denise Farley
Michael and Linda Reade Figenshaw
Michael and Diane Finan
David and Lisa Fisher
Marty and Kristen Flaherty
Rhonda Flanery
Connor and Pam Flynn
Aaron and Alisha Friess
John and Jane Gaffney
Ted and Elaine Gaul
Suzanne Gebel
Gary and Mary Giesler
Richard and Mary Jane Glovik
Bernard and Kathleen Gradoville
Linda Gries
Rev. Ken Gross
Rev. Ken Halbur
Ron and Carole Hallenbeck
Elaine Hansen
Rev. Mr. Bill Hare
Earl and Jean Harper
Rev. Chris Hartshorn
Craig and Kerry Hastings
Paul and Angie Hauser
Larry and Judy Hayes
Carole Hays
Ellen Heater
Darin and Teresa Hecker
Linda Heinrich
John and Margie Heles
Joseph and Donna Henkels
Dave and Joan Hennessy
Msgr. Michael Hess
Georgiana Hoerster
Msgr. Lawrence Hoffmann
Janice Hogan
Louis and Rose Holste
Robert and Leann Holtzbauer
Tom and Diana Hoogestraat
Hank Hughes
Jim and Rita Hughes
Msgr. Edward Hurley
Charles and Linda Ill
Rick and Teresa Jamison
Richard Janousek
Richard Job
Bill and Joan Johnston
Anita Josten
Jeff and Nancy Kafer
Bob and Brenda Keck
Barnes and AJ Kelley
John Kelly
Richard and Norine Kennedy
Nancy Kilbride
Dan and Kari Kinsella
Ed and Teresa Kordick
John and Elaine Kouri
Dave and Nancy Kucera

Jason and Lindsay Kurth
Steve Lacy
Cathy Lacy
John and Sheila Laing
Bob and Mary Lawler
Rev. Gregory Leach
Marilyn Lickteig
Debbie Linthicum
John Loughry
Rev. John Ludwig
Lindsay Maher
Tom and Celia Mahoney
Rev. John Maier
Nancy Main
Elizabeth Markham
Coleman and Emily McAllister
Jim and Ann McCarthy
Chris and Erica McCarville
Jerry and Chris McClelland
Rick and Mary McConville
Scott and Mary Sue McEntee
Mary Lou McGinn
Mary Margaret McGinn
Pat and Julie McGonegle
Phil and Juleen McGrath
Dan and Janet Merry
Larry and Lisa Merten
Steve and Janet Michels
Mark and Michele Miller
Tim Mineart
Todd and Robin Misel
Cecelia Munzenmaier
Bob and Janice Myers
Fred and Lisa Nesbit
Sylvia Nikles
Chris and Angela Oberreuter
Marilyn O’Brien
Carson and Connie Ode
Dennis and Wendy Ogden
Jim and Jeanne O’Halloran Sr.
Bob and Donna Olson
Richard Ori
Msgr. Stephen Orr
Doris Ott
Alan and Monica Peitz
Jeff and Jonie Phillips
Rev. Joseph Pins
Lee and Jo Ann Poeppe
April Pottridge
Debra Powers
Tom and Diane Primmer
Sharon Provost
David and Brooke Pulliam
Dennis and Connie Purdum
Rev. Mr. Charles and Kay Putbrese
Ray and Jan Reineke
Clarence and Jan Reinig
Ed and Betty Reinig
Gerald and Loanne Reinig
Deb Rogers
Rich and Kelly Rondeau

David and Jennifer Roszak
Chuck and Elaine Roth
Helen L. Ruggle
Joe Russo
Daniel and Michelle Ryan
Nick and Jill Ryan
Pat and Kathy Ryan
Rob and Nicole Ryan
Maher and Nicole Saegh
Larry Salvini
Russ and Jean Samson
Kent and LouAnn Sandburg
Max and Krisha Schauf
Dan and Joan Schechinger
Jeremy and Tina Schechinger
Ed and Debbie Schiller
Ernie and Sara Schillinger
Don and Judy Schultes
Jeff and Lisa Schwarte
Daniel and Rhona Schwarzkopf
Audry Marie Scigliano
Rachel Seidl
Beth Seuferer
Sarah Sheerin
Kyle and Penny Sheetz
Rev. Robert Schoemann
Letitia Simons
Catherine Smith
Craig and Susan Smith
Mary Smyth
Roger and Cathy Soukup
Jerry and Debra Spaeth
Barry and Cari Spear
Rob Staab
Bill and Rita Starr
Pat and Maria Steele
Roger and Frances Stefani
Adam and Kara Storey
Kathy Sullivan
Martha Swigart
Robert Szalay
Larry and Carol Tetmeyer
Teresa Ann Thompson
Fred and Diane Tiernan
Denny and Mary Treanor
Darlene Rose Tursi
Steven and Julie Van Brocklin
Dave and Anne Vaske
Charles Vincent and Marianne
Jeanne Wells
Pete and Dana Wenstrand
Sherill Whisenand
Mark and Cindy Wiederin
Bruce and Chris Wilson
Craig and Tracey Wilson
Elroy Wingers
Katherine Wingert
Marty M. and Amy N. Wolske
Bob and Jan Young
Mark and Denise Youngers

Legacy Society (Deceased Members)

Rev. James Kleffman
Arthur McEnearney

Mary Ann Muenchrath
Jeanine Rothermel

Kersti Rutledge

Retha Sharp

If you want to become a part of the Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa Legacy Society but don't know where to start, contact us today!