At the McGonegle home, they divide responsibilities. Geri said, “Terry always takes care of our giving. He is a very generous man, I am very proud to stand beside him and our philanthropic decisions. We know that what we have, is not meant just for us, we need to make a difference in our community.”

Geri and Terry McGonegle are members at St. John Catholic parish in Norwalk. Along with St. John Catholic Parish, Geri and Terry also support Iowa Catholic Radio, InnerVisions HealthCare, and Children and Families of Iowa.

Geri and Terry came to us with questions regarding Durable Power of Attorney in terms of healthcare, and with regard to facilitating a gift of stock for the St. John Catholic Parish capital campaign. In Terry’s work life, he was a CFO. During that time he learned, “a gift of stock allows the biggest bang for the buck!”

Terry shared, “At first I was worried this would be difficult, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was so easy. The CFSWIA, in partnership with the parish office manager, sent us wire instructions. I forwarded that email with instructions to my broker. My broker sent me paperwork to sign off on the transaction and the stock was sent to the CFSWIA and directly added to the St. John Capital Campaign Fund.”

Appreciated stock, held for more than one year, can be the ideal choice for individuals who want their charitable gifts to make the biggest impact for the lowest possible cost. The donor does not have to realize the capital gains, and earns the tax benefit of the gift. The charity, in turn, receives the full value of the stock, gain and all!

Terry shared, “We have been very blessed and fortunate over the last 25 years. Even when things weren’t good, God provided. My last employer created an opportunity for us, and we did quite well with that. It was important to us to give back.”


Prior to any wire or transfer of funds, please call or email the Catholic Foundation with the following information:

  • Your name(s)
  • Name of the funds being transferred
  • Name of the entity your gift is to be credited

For complete Stock or Cash Gift Wire and DTC Instructions contact us today at 515-237-5044 or [email protected]