The CFSWIA currently manages 113 agency funds held by Catholic parishes, schools, and organizations in the Diocese of Des Moines. Any parish, school and/or any Catholic organization that is part of the Diocese of Des Moines in Southwest Iowa may create an agency fund with the Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa*. As such, that entity, while maintaining ownership of funds (endowed or non-endowed), invests their funds in the Foundation taking advantage of the pooling of assets. 

An agency fund enables parishes, Catholic schools or organizations to capitalize on long-term investment strategies in a diversified portfolio managed by professionals. Agency funds are considered a legal and accounting asset of the establishing institution, which also maintains full discretion regarding distribution(s) from the funds.

However, Agency Funds are not “pass through” accounts or bank accounts. A long-term investment strategy is employed with Agency Funds within the Foundation. This agency relationship may be terminated by that same entity at any time.

You can deposit funds into your agency fund by wire or check. Contact us for those instructions.



The agency (Catholic parish, school, or organization) establishes an agency fund and puts money into it.



While in the bank, the investment will continually grow.



The agency is then able to grant their growing money to different projects, departments, etc. within their entity.


  • A sophisticated investment approach with extensive due diligence
  • Screened investment pools that exclude companies in conflict with church teaching
  • Support for the fiduciary duties of a parish, school or institution
  • Prompt, personal service from experienced professionals
  • Assistance with the development and implementation of a multi-year planned giving marketing plan
  • Common Catholic values, and a shared mission to support financially the spiritual, educational and social needs of our Catholic community

*While the Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa was established primarily to serve the Diocese of Des Moines in Southwest Iowa, we will review/consider arrangements with parishes, schools and other Catholic organizations in Iowa.