For a number of years, CFSWIA has provided financial assistance via grant awards to dozens of parishes, schools, and other not for profit organizations that fall within our Catholic values. Since the inception of our grant awards, CFSWIA has awarded over $200,000!

May 21, 2020 update:

The grant awards for 2020 have been delayed due to COVID-19 and the cancellation of our Giving Thanks Event in April. We will still be providing those awards to the chosen recipients.

With the continued uncertainty of the markets and the COVID-19 situation, we did not budget for grant awards in 2021. While we are blessed to invest and help manage nearly $93 million in assets, those assets do not belong to us. Our operating budget comes directly from the administrative fees associated with those assets. As the assets decrease, so do our fees. We will continue to monitor the situation throughout 2021 and should the markets rebound and see that grants may be a possibility in 2021, we will re-evaluate that program and alert all via emails and social media.

Thank you to all who continue to utilize CFSWIA as a means to house and invest their assets. And, thanks to all of our individual organizations who have submitted for and received our grants.