Happy Easter!

About a year ago, we were all entering what would become a very long year of life-changing events. Today, we have a sense of hope and a feeling of “turning the corner” on COVID-19. If what our President says comes to fruition, and everyone is vaccinated by the end of May, life will indeed begin to feel normal again. Normal may however, be different than before.

Certainly, things at CFSWIA have changed over the past twelve months, in some really unique ways. Shepherding the PPP and FEMA process for the Diocese meant having the opportunity to get to know so many of our Business Managers and Parish priests in a very meaningful way. For that, we are grateful.

We learned to communicate with others via ZOOM and email in ways I don’t believe any of us thought could or would work; but they did! Teamwork and mutual respect for each other have been two ingredients we have so appreciated from everyone during this time.

We will be 10 years old in June of 2022! Our first nine years have been tremendous. The ability to partner with so many of our faithful in the Diocese is a nod to those who are responsible for creating this Foundation; first and foremost, we’d like to thank Bishop Pates his dedication to our mission. We also have six members of our original board who will fulfill a nine-year commitment to CFSWIA on June 30, 2021. Without their wisdom and expertise, we would not exist.

In May 2021, we will host an event that will pay homage to those who will be leaving our board. They include Dennis Purdum, Steve Lacy, Msgr. Ed Hurley, Matthew Madsen and Peter Wenstrand. Nancy Anstoetter completes her nine year term, but will remain with us for two additional years as our Vice Chair beginning July 1, 2021. To each of these individuals, THANK YOU!

To each of you, we wish good health, hope for hugs soon, and a very blessed Easter Season!